Homeland Security

Our work on homeland security covers a range of topics including emergency management (such as preparing for and responding to incidents, and enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructures and lifeline sectors); transportation security; transnational threats (such as drugs, gangs, and weapons of mass destruction); and US strategy and architecture.

Reflections on Executive Order 13010

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An Epidemic Becomes a Pandemic

Insights and Analysis | February 2021

Guiding Principles for Emergency Management on Cybersecurity

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Securing the Grid

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Restructuring the U.S. Intelligence Community

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Into the Gray Zone

| October 2016

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The Bear is Inside the Wire

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Obama's Cybersecurity Initiative

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Risk-Based Security and the Aviation System

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Putin's Russia: A Geopolitical Analysis

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Repurposing Cyber Command

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On 9/11, DHS is Missing in Action

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It's the Ideology, Stupid

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Pardon the Pivot, What About Africa?

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Cyber Domain Conflict in the 21st Century

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Educating our Guardians

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Drones in Yemen: Is the U.S. on Target?

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Getting Serious About Cyberwarfare

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Mexico and the Triple Threat

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Interim Task Force Report on Resilience

Policy Report | May 2011

Managing Complexity in a Wikileaks World

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Cloud Computing Risks and National Security

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Flooded With Help -- But Still Flailing

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All Hands--and Eyes--Needed on Deck

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Disaster Diplomacy

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Cons Gone Wild?

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Storm Surge

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Fighting Piracy and Protecting National Interests

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Next Generation National Security

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East African Piracy

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Radicalization: Made in the USA?

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Hey Good Samaritans - Get a Lawyer!

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FEMA: Where Does it Fit?

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Not Your Father's FEMA

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Radicalization: Behind Bars and Beyond Borders

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Cyberstrategy 2.0

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Enhancing Preparedness for Cyanide Terrorism

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A Doomsday Priority

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The Use and Limits of U.S. Intelligence

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Assessing State-Level Civil Preparedness for a Nuclear Attack

Graduate Capstone Project | September 2002

Fighting Terrorism

Op-Ed | January 2002

And the Winner is...The Albanian Mafia

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Information Warfare and Strategic Terrorism

Journal Article | February 1997

Between War and Peace: Deterrence and Leverage

Journal Article | January 1997