Our Work

We convene leading experts and practitioners for executive-level events, publish policy-relevant analysis, and provide expert testimony to Congress on critical issues and challenges related to cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, counterterrorism, and homeland security. Our experts also engage with media and are featured regularly in the news.


Our cyber-related work encompasses many subjects including the threat spectrum (actors and vectors); response measures (US strategy, policy, and legislation); partnerships (across sectors and borders); and emerging issues (such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, outer space and its nexus with critical infrastructure, and quantum computing).

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Homeland Security

Our work on homeland security covers a range of topics including emergency management (such as preparing for and responding to incidents, and enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructures and lifeline sectors); transportation security; transnational threats (such as drugs, gangs, and weapons of mass destruction); and US strategy and architecture.

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Terrorism and Intelligence

Our work on terrorism and intelligence includes analysis of conflict zones (such as Afghanistan, Iraq, the Sahel and Maghreb, Syria, and Yemen); emerging threats (new actors/tactics/weapons); partners (international experience and lessons learned); radicalization (process and countermeasures including the role of social media); and US strategy and policy (such as from the standpoint of defense, diplomacy, and information sharing).

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